Drupal APIs

Programmatically create blocks using hook_block

Drupal API provide a hook function hook_block that allow developers to create block or set of blocks their way. hook is a keyword that will replace by the module name, for example example.module file will implement this hook as example_block()

For further details about this hook please visit here

Create own Hooks and allow intervention from other modules

Drupal APIs and Drupal framework allows developer to provide means for other modules to interact or intervene using hooks. This can be done by simply using an API called module_invoke_all(), a comprehensive detail for this function can be found here. Details about hooks in drupal can be found here

Programmatically manipulating taxonomy terms in Drupal

Programmatically inserting, editing and deleting a taxonomy term using drupal api is as easy as A,B,C. After scanning taxonomy_term_save() function, it looks like that if we pass an associated array as an argument to this function with proper keys we can make this happen very easily.