Pakistan Software Export Board

Tools & Utilities Expert (Linux Security)
Islamabad, Pakistan
07/02/2007 - 06/06/2008
  • Provide consultancy and support to the clients on Open Source Operating Systems and Utility Software
  • Successfully deployed end-to-end server migrations of Windows based servers to Linux Servers and Windows based desktops to Linux based desktops (Ubuntu)
  • Helped client by training and supporting customization of community based PHP/MySQL Open Source Projects.
  • Successfully deployed an Online Course Management System "Moodle" and integrated with "eXe course", learning material authoring package with LDAP authentication
  • Participated in deployment of Library Management system using "Koha"
  • Delivered open source software seminars and hands-on training to IT personnel, senior university students, faculty members.
  • Successfully delivered seminars and training sessions to promote Open Source Software as an alternative to Software piracy.
  • Compiled a list of open source software that can be used as alternative to proprietary software.
  • Complied a list of highly ranked Linux distributions that will help company in taking quick decision about what to deploy and what not to deploy. i.e. Ubuntu and Fedora for Desktops, dyne:bolic for Multimedia studios, and Trixbox for PBX systems
  • Participated as Master Trainer for PHP and Open Source CMS (Drupal) in Singapore, Malaysia, Srilanka and Pakistan (International Forums)