Verizon Wireless

Sr. Drupal Developer
Schaumburg, IL
03/02/2009 - 12/31/2010

Worked as a Sr. Drupal Consultant, major responsiblity was to develop company's Intranet project for 90,000 plus employee.

  • Participated in design and requirement analysis phase of the project
  • Developed personalized intranet portal based on Drupal CMS for large employee base
  • Deployed APC opcode cache and Memcache in Drupal for performance optimization.
  • Developed embedded media field plug-in for filefield module to embed Videos from internal video repository.
  • Developed a module that creates input filter to parse external video URLs and replace those URLs with embedded code in content.
  • Developed modules that integrates custom Drupal-Views code
  • Developed Views handler module that allows several handlers for views filters, default arguments, also created a hook that enables and disable views cache globaly.
  • Developed Siteminder module to integrate CA siteminder for Single-Sign-On
  • Developed Workflow module for content approval
  • Developed helper modules to alter Drupal default behavior, these modules implements core hooks.
  • Deployed and customized following modules: Services, AMFPHP, Dashplayer, emfields, filefields, filefield_sources, Insert, IMCE, FCKEditor, Workflow, Views, CCK, Memcache, Imagecache, pathcache, and many custom modules.