Recently we managed to get approval of Urdu translation on Drupal at Drupal Localization Project. We started with very few contributors who are working very hard to translate all strings/interfaces for Drupal Core and Drupal contributed modules.

Urdu translation for Drupal can be found here. I am looking for people who are good in english to urdu translation to contribute to this project.

We have also started urdu translation on Google Translate. It will be benificial for Urdu community to pitch in and contribute their translation skills by adding suggestion to the translations.

Syed Shadab (not verified) Mon, 2011-06-13 23:52

Hello Mr. Aslam, I am also willing to contribute for drupal urdu translation but i dont know how to start actually. May be if you can give some procedures to start with, then it will be good. Thanks in advance, Syed Shadab, Hyderabad - India

admin Wed, 2011-07-20 01:12

In reply to by Syed Shadab (not verified)

First step will be to create your account on and then you can do the translation of all the strings online.. most of the strings have been translated already but you can still add new translations or edit existing translations.. later we will decide and publish the one that seems fit.