Devolving Higher Education Commission (HEC) and transferring it to provincial level means All four tires of car going in different directions, was this done on purpose? can we call it an educational conspiracy linked to some international conspiracy for destabilizing Pakistan? or some hidden agenda?. Last night I heard former Chairman of HEC Dr. Atta ur Rehman on one of Pakistani Satellite channel  saying "If you want to break a country break its education in to pieces" and I agree with his words.

Today Senator Raza Rabani said "In stead of Higher Education Commission we will create Commission for Standard Higher Education" What the Heck??? can some body ask him what is the difference.. I think they all in need of learning good standard English.  COME ON...

Few questions come in to my mind why to derail a department which is working full throttle and already on right track? Why our ministers not looking in to other departments like Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), Pakistan Railways and many other organizations that are already on the edge and will collapse any time. A big WHY? for our lawmakers.

I don't know what will be the result or effect if HEC is transferred to provinces or terminated but I know one thing that on my Degree I don't have more space left for attestation stamps. I always wanted to keep my degree clean but because of our illiterate lawmakers in our both houses my degree looks like a stamp book :)

Obviously Degree Attestation is going to be affected, I am an expat and I know this degree attestation is pain in a neck. Whether you apply for a job or higher education in middle-east, European countries or north/south America this is the basic step. Without an autonomous attestation body how this is going to work. In my case I am from Punjab, Graduated from Hamdard University Karachi; Which provincial Education ministry will attest my degree? Is it going to be Punjab or Sindh(Karachi)??

When the dumb and dumber were thinking of making and implementing this law they totally missed almost all crucial issues. I hope they will rethink about their dumb thinking and will rollback this issue otherwise All the expats living, working and studying abroad are going to face huge issues may be beyond our expectations.