Sharing a brief report about the relief work done by, this group is maintained voluntarily by professionals belonging to various walks of life.

Reported by
Sufyan Kakakhel

Charsada/ Nowshera/ Shangla

Our consignment of 8500 KGs of dates arrived last night at sabzi mandi Islamabad. The truck driver was not willing to take it to Charsada. So had to offload it there and hired another truck. Lost some dates because of poor packing which almost vanished due to shifting from one truck to another.  Theseen, our volunteer went with the truck and they reached our godown in charsada early morning.  We added some more aid from islamabad including milk (olpers and milkpak of different weight), canola oil (10  and 5 litter cans) Half of the dates ( around 4200 KGs) will be distributed in surrounding areas of Charsada while a quarter is for the hard to reach areas of Shangla ( upper swat) and another quarter is for worst hit areas of Nowshera like Mohib banda, misri banda and pir sabaq.
The Shangla bound consignment will be shipped to Batol, Mansehra and then to Bisham. Onward there is no road access, so volunteers of Maymar trust will take the stuff on donkeys. The survey of needy families has already been carried out. A coupon has been issued to over 100 families, So some of them will come down by themselves to Bisham to take their stuff and those who cant come ( like families with all old members or no males left) will be reached by our volunteers.


Our friend Naveed Hashmi who is head of trainings at Standard chartered bank is based in lahore but belongs to Muzafargarh originally. I called him up and requested him to spend this weekend in his hometown. Introduced him to the volunteer team of Maymar trust working there. They coordinated and are doing a joint survey of the areas this weekend. Naveed approached his bank and they also sent some food items to Muzafargarh ( 2 or 3 trucks he mentioned).
There is a good news. We had approached Pakistan Army and they have agreed to provide us motor boats for supplies of food and non food items to places with no road access, provided we get a formal approval from DCO of Muzaffargarh. Naveed Hashmi and others will hopefully get an approval on monday.


Two of our volunteers are working as a mobile assesment team. They started their journey from Nowshera /Peshawar. Then they moved to muzaffar garh, multan, layya, kot addu and today they reached Rahimyarkhan. They are keeping us updated about situation in each region, current requirements etc. In Rahimyarkhan (particularly rahimabad, my maternal home town) they said the arrangements look ok as far as food is concerned. They are able to manage ready meals for the displaced people but they lack proper medical facilities. They have set up a kind of dispensary but they dont have a doctor or event a trained para medics. I have asked them to look for a doctor from nearby cities and we can arrange for his expenses .

Khairpur Mirus (Sind)

This mobile assessment team will reach Khairpur/ Sukkhur tomorrow where we have setup a camp in a school. We have support of the local government there.

And some updates from Islamabad

We are constantly in contact with Dr. Qaseem, sharia head of Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) Pakistan. Have chalked out a plan. Will submit the plan tomorrow to DIB. The plan is to prepare a package for the flood hit areas. This package will consist of some fifteen items and will meet the immediate requirements of around 75-80 thousand people for one whole month. Doesnt sound realistic right? :-) Just pray, Inshallah we will get it done. We are now finalizing the modalities of the project with them. We wont take funding from them. We have informed them that they will have to involve their own workforce. They will do all the procurement and they will be the ones distributing them too. We will be there to assist them in the whole activity. We will provide them our infrastructure, our resources, our volunteers and all that.