I got stunned, felt ashamed and was extremely surprised when I read an article by President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan Mr. Asif Ali Zardari published in "The Washington Post" on Wednesday, January 28, 2009.

I got stunned, when i came to know from Mr. Zardari's statement that he mixed terrorism with extremism, I think we have to educate our leaders about the meanings and description of both terms. Anyway I am quoting an exact phrase "Ambassador Holbrooke will soon discover that Pakistan is far more than a rhetorical partner in the fight against extremism". I don't know why our leader mixed extremism with terrorism. This mean that for last 8 years we are not fighting a war on terror but from this statement it seems that we are partnering United states for war on extremism. I don't know what Mr. Zardari is upto. Hhe totally swapped the term "terrorist" with "extremist". He also claimed that "this is our war". I think we should atleast ask our leader that the so called "non-state actors" are called "terrorists", but extremists are still our own citizens, although they have some different Ideology and our government had supported this ideology in past; only we have to work out some common agenda and we have to sit with them and streamline all conflicting matters with them.

I felt very ashamed, when I read that President of such a big country with population of 160 Million and his country holds lot of potential and enabling environments; is begging for help in following sectors housing, social, economic, education, health, Mideast Peace issue, Kashmir issue, water crisis, electricity and democracy. His words were "Strengthening our democracy and helping us to improve education, housing and health care is the greatest tool we could wield against extremism,". I don't know that if America is going to help us in all these sectors then why we elected such leaders, Summary of his article can be viewed here

Finally, I was surprised, when I read following line, "Assistance to Pakistan is not charity; rather, the politically stable and economically viable Pakistan is in the long term, strategic interest of the United States". President Zardari is aiming only on strategic interest of United States; not the people of Pakistan. I don't know why PPP caries their slogan as "The Party, only for the welfare of common people of Pakistan" while common man does not give a damn about strategic interest of United States but is worried about (roti, kapra, makan) and the dignity and honor of his own country.

Since the PPP leaders took charge on various key positions in Pakistan, we have not seen a single project being kicked off for a common man. 

I will try to place a photocopy of the full article as soon as I get a chance.