Last year was AWESOME, I cannot let it go with out mentioning that I was blessed with lots of Happiness and Joy. I am really very thankful to my Lord Allah Subhanawtallah that HE blessed me with a Son, we name him Saad. Then I came back to my Home Country Pakistan after spending three years in United States, I donot have words to mention about my feelings the first time I stepped out of the aircraft when I landed at Allama Iqbal International Airport, Lahore. I came to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah, and paid visit to Haram-Makkah (House of Allah) twice. The first sight was magnificant, it was full of attraction, and your heart feels some kind of energy that tells you that this is the House of Allah who is the creator of all creations.

There were some personal reasons to leave US but I really miss my team at Verizon Wireless, Ash Kanagat was the one who brought me in and I remember we started as a two team member which later became a team of more than 10. Ash is a person that every person will dream to work with, highly professional, friendly and helping. Sai Thumulari is a good friend and he was the one who helped me in vaious aspects of the job. David Reed (Dave) and Matthew Hallaron (Matt) were my Drupal mates, I would say Dave is a Drupal Geek and Matt was good in all areas of Drupal Developement, I really enjoyed working with them.

After I landed Pakistan after three years, I found every thing changed. No decipline, No identity  and No Culture, youth is completely messed up they even dont know which direction they are going and what is best for their career growth. Education system is completely crashed, there is no harmony in the sylabus, every institute has its own different material I dont know WTF our Ministry of Education doing.

Salary Class survival is at risk, there are no growth in their income but yes there has been 300% growth in inflation in last three years, and also the tax percentages went higher. So the net income of our salaried class population is decreasing everyday. I dont know why our government formed Price Control Committees.

Corruption is at peak, one incident that I faced was of a traffic violation, you do not have to worry about traffic violation ticket if you have Rs. 200 in your pocket. Some times the traffic police official will ask you to pay fine(bribe) on spot and drive free. So technically the traffic violation revenue is going directly in to their pockets. It would have been easy to manage traffic crisis in all cities if this revenue collection was done right.

In short I found that the poor is getting poorer and the rich is getting richer. There is no balance in the society. I also find that our elected politician do not give a damn to the basic issues of our country, they are only working for the survival of there position. They donot have plans for 2011, they donot have direction and vision for how to bring Pakistan out of crisis. Its our responsibilty as a nation to find a suitable leadership who can lead us to new hieghts and who is capable enough to run Pakistan. So please start searching your leader now.. before its too late.