Today in the morning the idea popped up about personality and temperament, so i decided to share with others.

Personality means the visible aspect of one's characters and in normal circumstances we refer personality as first impression, where as temperament is defined as  person's normal manner of thinking, behaving or reacting.

These two terms are related in such a way that the term (temperament) becomes the measurement tool to describe other term (Personality).

All of you have heard about this quote, "First Impression is the last impression" .

Usually we try to implement this criteria "First Impression is the last impression"  when we are going for an interview or we are interviewing someone. Most of the time, its not you but your personality that gets you a job and its not you but your temperament that gets you fired because temperament is a tool to measure personality over a particular period.

So try to build your temperament, you will develop your personality as soon as you advance in your temperament levels and one day you will have Charismatic Personality .. Inshallah.