Last week I got a chance to watch a hindi movie "Kurbaan", I was surprised to see how Karan Johar was able to create this kind of action movie without support of any external sponsorship.  You guys know what i mean Image removed., funny part was that all main characters were shown as Pakistani (Saif Ali Khan, OM Puri) and they used Indian soil and girl (Karina Kapoor) to accomplish their mission... looks like a pathetic dictation not from the writer but from external sources..

I found one plot summary of this movie on IMDB.COM:

Delhi University's Professor Avantika Ahuja meets fellow professor Ehsan Khan in typical Bollywood filmy style, and both fall in love with each other. Her father, who had preferred that she marry a Hindu, reluctantly permits them to get married. They do so, and subsequently re-locate to live in the United States. They buy a house, settle in, and are welcomed by their neighbors, Hamid and Anjum. A few days later Avantika's world will be turned upside down when she finds out that their neighbors are terrorists who want to avenge the deaths of innocent Iraqi and Afghani civilians massacred by British and American forces, and that her husband is not who he claims to be

Let me add one liner to this summary; her husband, Ehsan Khan was a Pakistani, and was working as a Professor in Delhi University, He used his wife and Indian soil to accomplish his evil task to blow Times Square.

In general the purpose of any movie is to convey a message to the public in large and some groups in particular, to let people know what is about to come or whats currently going on, or to identify key factors about some event if the movie is about a story of past.

After watching Kurbaan, I dont know what kind of message i should take:

  • Failure of Indian Government and Intellegence Agencies, that a so called Pakistani Terrorist got employement in one of renowned university?
  • Failure of US Bordors and Security that they have biased security policy that allowed him entry without reasonalbe checking only becuase he was carring beautifull hindu wife?
  • Let People know that US' next 9/11 is going to be Time Square.. and this time they are going to nail down all bad guys in Pakistan, just like they did for Afghanistan, and Iraq.? But i am surprised why Pakistan, we donot have Oil and Minerals like Iraq and Afghanistan. LOL

Obviously this movie was going to be a big flop and here are the comments from Karan Johar about the failure of his Kurbaan project. (User Comment taken from IMDB.COM)

In an interview with TIMES NOW CHANNEL k'jo gave his reasons for failure of this movie

  1. Too much money was spent on the movie....(still didn't understand what that meant)
  2. It was wrongly campaigned as sexual/violent movie which drove away family audiences(hmm makes me wonder what was there in it for the family audiences)
  3. might have pissed of muslim community...(can't comment on that)

I donot want to create any link between Faisal Shahzad and Kurbaan But after hearing news about Faisal Shahzad (a US Citizen from Pakistani Origin, who later canceled his Pakistani Nationality to retain US Citizen status) who was involved in a failed attempt of terror act on Times Square, I would say lets ask Karan Johar that why Time Square...????

Babar Haq (not verified) Sun, 2010-05-23 23:45

U did so much research for such a shitty movie. :) bohat hee baree crap thee qasam say. And i watched it on cinema :( Good to see you blogging waisay.